About Us

Bambi Lux was launched with the sole purpose of creating a natural healing self care experience for our family, friends, the government sector and now our customers. 

We pride ourselves in the heavily researched herbal ingredients that you find in our products to make sure that they are ethically sourced. Our combination of herbal therapy fits our motto of offering NATURE'S LUXURY BODY ESSENTIALS.

This approach allows us to come up with a unique blend of ingredients to treat, soothe, replenish the biggest muscle of our body, the Skin. 

The skin is so absorbent that some ingredients can penetrate right into our bloodstream. We know our customers value what they put inside their bodies, and care just as much about what goes on it. 

Bambi Lux is a black family owned company, all our products are handmade, receiving the same amount of diligence and care as they do when being prepared for our own loved ones use

This journey has been a long one, and we are expanding our family to include the general public, We look forward to having you on this path with us!